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We are Auntie Red and Uncle Blue, a garden-crazy couple living in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in Finland. We renovate our home, an old cottage, and tend the shady home garden. In an allotment close by we grow our own vegetables and herbs. Good food and travelling are important for us. This blog is our garden diary in which we share our experiences in organic gardening (Olemme kasvimaalla = We’re at the allotment), using one’s own produce in cooking (Olemme keittiössä = We’re in the kitchen) and renovating the house and gardens (Olemme remontissa = We’re renovating). Even when we relax our thoughts are in gardening (Olemme vapaalla = We’re taking time off)! Auntie Red takes care of writing and Uncle Blue is responsible for the looks of the blog, but the outcome—just like gardening itself—is our common hobby!

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A Q&A section on our gardening philosophy is available in Finnish.


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