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Media Kit: Audience

Visitor demographics: geographical distribution in Finland

The has more than 10 000 unique visitors each month (May 1–31, 2014: 11 067, source: Google Analytics), who visit about 20 000 pages.


Visitors belong mainly to the following demographic groups

  • female (c. 80%),
  • aged 25 or above (c. 90%),
  • living in the Helsinki metropolitan area (c. 60%).
Visitor demographics: age distribution
Visitor demographics: gender ratio


The majority of users come to the site via an organic Google search (c. 85%). Most frequent search queries relate to

  • Crop and ornamental plants

    • Cultivation of specific plants, e.g. “sowing garden cress”, “planting onions”, “cultivating kale”, “pruning hawthorn hedges”
    • Treatment of garden crop and its usage in general, e.g. “drying lavender”, “boiling broad beans”, “using Tuscan cabbage”, “preserving Jerusalem artichoke”, “overwintering aubergines”
    • Recipes for garden crop, e.g. “ground elder recipe”, “rhubarb drink”, “barbequed courgettes”, “Garden Angelica jam”, “broad bean stew”, “oven-prepared veg”
  • Gardening techniques

    • Common and traditional knowledge e.g. “crop rotation”, “companion plants”, “allotment tilling”
    • Urban gardening e.g. “growbag”, “potato growing containers”
    • Gardening with the moon e.g. “lunar cycle effect on plants”, “moon calendar”
  • Gardening calendar, e.g. “biodynamic sowing calendar”, “phenological calendar”, “spring garden chores”, “harvest time”, “autumn sowings”
Visitor demographics: interests

Using Google’s categorization of Internet users according to their online behavioral pattern, visitors of share predominantly an interest in Home & Garden matters. Many of these visitors are also interested in Food & Drink and in Pets & Animals. Interestingly, people with this particular set of interest are often interested in Travel and in Real Estate & Financial Services, too.

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