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Media Kit: Pricing


Banner ads are sold on a cost-per-time basis. Display period is one calendar month; bespoke periods are available on request. Time and dates are given in the website’s time zone, i.e. the official time of Finland.

The price of a banner ad is calculated as follows:

Banner ad base prices
Ad format c1 c2 c3
1st Channel 100.00 160.00 210.00
Seasonal discount
 (A) - 0 % - 0 % - 0 %
 (B) - 10 % - 10 % - 10 %
 (C) - 20 % - 20 % - 20 %
 focus incl. incl. incl.
 plus + 25.00 + 40.00 + 52.50
 w/o priority incl. incl.
 w/ priority + 10.00 + 16.00 incl.

Seasonal discounts can be derived from the table below.

Banner ad price groups by season
  gardening cooking renovation leisure
January B B C C
February A B C B
March A B C B
April A A B B
May A A B B
June A A B B
July A A B B
August A A B B
September A A B B
October A A B B
November B A C C
December B A C C

Ad material processing services

Prices of ad material processing services
* Prices are valid in combination with a campaign order only.
Preparation of a static banner, based on an approved visual template* pc 49.50
Ad content ideation and banner drafting* h 104.40
Marketing services and consulting h 130.20

Other services

Prices of other services
Paper invoice by mail pc 10.00


All prices are subject to VAT.

On overdue debts interest is levied according to the Finnish interest directive. For reminders €5.00 are charged.

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